Educating the Front Line

Educating the Front Line

Lizeth, is a joyful 5-year old that loves her mother and father.  In early January she became sick, complaining of pain in her legs.  The local medical facility was unsuccessful to draw blood and sent Lizeth home with no answers.  Lizeth condition worsened.  Her mother Maria, took her to the Children’s hospital in Oaxaca (Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña). The difficult trip to the hospital took more than 2 hours.  Upon arrival, Lizeth was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Two months into her chemotherapy treatments, Lizeth tests indicate that she is winning the battle. Lizeth’s story is all too common for children throughout the developing world.  Many childhood cancers are very treatable however, many children do not get diagnosed or get diagnosis long after the cancer has reached advanced stages.  Unfortunately, many local family doctors and small medical facilities do not recognize cancer.

Pictured: Lizeth with Megan Parry, World Child Cancer Program Manager in MexicoLizeth with Megan Parry, World Child Cancer Program Manager in Mexico & registered nurse
World Child Cancer is working to fix this issue.  This year in Oaxaca and Veracruz, Mexico,  World Child Cancer, is conducting two multi-day seminars for doctors, nurses and mental health professionals throughout the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca.  By teaching the local doctors and nurses to better identify childhood cancers, will allow these children to receive earlier treatment and care as well as family support.

World Child Cancer has been working with the hospital in Oaxaca bring the latest protocols and practices for childhood cancer.  So far in 2018 World Child Cancer has donated dozens of doses of oncology medications, antibiotics and other medical supplies to Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña to further their success.  World Child Cancer is able to provide this direct support and training due to the continued support of generous donors from throughout the world.

Lizeth says that her treatments are difficult, but the nurses and everybody are really nice.  She misses her father who had to stay home to work.

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