Program Expansion in Mexico

World Child Cancer USA is expanding our program in Mexico. With programs in Oaxaca and Pachuca, Veracruz marks the next step to helping save even more lives.  Today is the first of 2 days World Child Cancer experts are teaching Nurses from throughout the state to better help identify cancer and to get give the children quicker and more effective care.

The trainings will be followed up with a delivery of nearly $800,000 of medical supplies going to two hospitals.  These supplies will better equip these medical professionals to save more lives.

Help World Child Cancer help even more vulnerable children and their families.  Donate today.
Cancer Patient in Veracruz

Nurses training in VeracruzKarla in Veracruz


World Child Cancer USA is Now Accepting Vehicle Donations
Have your old vehicle save the life of a child with cancer.  Donate your Car, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or ATV. It’s simple and free. To donate your vehicle, simply click here and fill out the form.  In a couple of days, your vehicle will benefit World Child Cancer

Cait’s Caraids 2018

Take the Challenge be a part of Cait’s Caraids 2018

The Star of the hit fantasy series Outlander, Caitriona Balfe is challenging her fans again this year to be part of Cait’s Caraid.  Caitriona is a patron of World Child Cancer and works tirelessly to support our efforts to help children all over the world. Caitriona says, “childhood cancer is so treatable, we know what to do. However, so many children around the world lack the access to these life-saving treatments.  In many countries, families have to travel for hours just for the most basic care. I challenge my fans all over the world to walk this summer to help these children. Join Cait’s Caraids and help raise over $100,000 for to CATRONIA in AfricaWorld Child Cancer so they can fulfill their mission to give these children the care they need.”

The Challenge: Cait’s Caraids will walk through the months of June, July and August. There will be three tiers to the walk; 150 hours, 100 hours and 50 hours with the challenge to raise $150, $100 or $50 respectively.  Every time a participant achieves a fundraising level you will be entered up to three times in a drawing for Outlander themed prizes and other goodies.

To join Cait’s Caraids, simply start your own fundraising page, add your story and a picture, promote it and start walking and start fundraising, CLICK HERE

You can donate to Cait’s Caraids and be entered into the drawing ($50 minimum donation). CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Celebrating a Mother’s Strength

Celebrating a Mother’s Strength this Mother’s Day

2018-01-15 [Lilia Garcia ] Fwd:_IMG_0102Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  For moms that are supporting a child fighting cancer, the day has even more meaning.  During a recent visit to our project site in Oaxaca, Mexico, we got an opportunity to meet Maria.

Her teenage daughter Luciana is going through treatment after her cancer relapsed.  Maria also recently lost her husband and is supporting her family as a single mother.  She does so by making crafts for sale.

On this Mother’s Day, help us to continue to provide support to mothers like Maria.  Her strength and dedication will help her daughter win her fight with cancer.

Educating the Front Line

Educating the Front Line

Lizeth, is a joyful 5-year old that loves her mother and father.  In early January she became sick, complaining of pain in her legs.  The local medical facility was unsuccessful to draw blood and sent Lizeth home with no answers.  Lizeth condition worsened.  Her mother Maria, took her to the Children’s hospital in Oaxaca (Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña). The difficult trip to the hospital took more than 2 hours.  Upon arrival, Lizeth was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Two months into her chemotherapy treatments, Lizeth tests indicate that she is winning the battle. Lizeth’s story is all too common for children throughout the developing world.  Many childhood cancers are very treatable however, many children do not get diagnosed or get diagnosis long after the cancer has reached advanced stages.  Unfortunately, many local family doctors and small medical facilities do not recognize cancer.

Pictured: Lizeth with Megan Parry, World Child Cancer Program Manager in MexicoLizeth with Megan Parry, World Child Cancer Program Manager in Mexico & registered nurse
World Child Cancer is working to fix this issue.  This year in Oaxaca and Veracruz, Mexico,  World Child Cancer, is conducting two multi-day seminars for doctors, nurses and mental health professionals throughout the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca.  By teaching the local doctors and nurses to better identify childhood cancers, will allow these children to receive earlier treatment and care as well as family support.

World Child Cancer has been working with the hospital in Oaxaca bring the latest protocols and practices for childhood cancer.  So far in 2018 World Child Cancer has donated dozens of doses of oncology medications, antibiotics and other medical supplies to Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña to further their success.  World Child Cancer is able to provide this direct support and training due to the continued support of generous donors from throughout the world.

Lizeth says that her treatments are difficult, but the nurses and everybody are really nice.  She misses her father who had to stay home to work.

Help deserving children like Lizeth.  Donate to World Child Cancer so we can continue our work to save children.

Please continue your support and Give the Gift of Growing Up.

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World Child Cancer USA is Now Accepting Vehicle Donations

Have your old vehicle save the life of a child with cancer.  Donate your Car, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or ATV. It’s simple and free. To donate your vehicle, simply click here and fill out the form.  In a couple of days your vehicle and World Child Cancer benefits.


Spread Joy this Valentine’s Day

News from the Front Lines

The tally is in — in 2017, almost 6,000 children were helped and 3,800 medical professionals were trained around the world by World Child Cancer.  Our vision is a world where every child with cancer has equal access to the best treatment and care & with your help, we are changing lives!  On behalf of all the children and their families, we thank you!

Send LOVE to a Child with Cancer this Valentine’s Day

World Child Cancer provides training for medical professionals in poorer countries so they can effectively treat kids with cancer. We support families with education, resources and life-saving supplies.

This Valentine’s Day, we also want to provide love and hope by collecting Valentine’s from all of you, to hand-deliver to families fighting cancer in Mexico.  If you can send a greeting in Spanish, please do so.  But whether it’s in English or just pictures, it all means the same thing to a child or family with cancer — it means we care and we want to help them in their time of need.

Send your Valentine, by Feb 20th, to
World Child Cancer USA
1031 33rd Street
Denver, CO 80205

Your donations to support our work are encouraged 365 days a year!

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Giving the gift of growing up during The Golden Hour”

All children with cancer have one thing in common: a decreased ability to fight infectionsWCC.Golden.Hour.Final-stacked. This requires them to be extremely careful and minimize their exposure. The chances of a child with cancer becoming sick increases greatly, particularly in low to middle income countries. Once a sick child arrives to a medical facility it is imperative to their survival that they are treated immediately, ideally within the first hour of arrival. Often, very inexpensive antibiotics and other readily available medications will immediately reverse infections and decrease added complications. Oncologists throughout the world as well as World Child Cancer refer to this immediate treatment as “The Golden Hour”. Obviously, you can see how important that time is.

Donate Today and give “The Golden Hour”

533World Child Cancer is working hard helping medical professionals and medical facilities throughout the globe to understand the importance of “The Golden Hour”, thus increasing survival for children with cancer. Over the last few months, Dr. Terrie Flatt and Dr. Lillia Garcia have traveled from Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and conducted trainings at our project sites in Oxaca and Pachuca, Mexico. These trainings include specific protocols for “The Golden Hour” that have been taught to doctors and nurses. Thanks to many of you, World Child Cancer is also purchasing and delivering more effective antibiotics to each of these hospitals to ensure they have enough on hand which can be prescribed and administered during the first hour of a sick child’s arrival, during “The Golden Hour”.

Help World Child Cancer give the gift of growing up and continue expanding the knowledge of “The Golden Hour”. Learn more!


Recruiting World Child Cancer Ambassadors

Ambassador 1Want to get involved with helping kids with cancer?  Is making a difference important to you?  Join our Ambassador Program!

We are accepting applications for passionate individuals who want to dedicate their voice, time and connections to raise funds and awareness for children with cancer in developing countries.

Ambassadors are our volunteer outreach arm and represent our strongest supporters. They are critical to our work!

Ambassador 2
Our Ambassadors have fun while making a difference.  Become an Ambassador and work with us to help children with cancer.   It’s the best volunteer job you’ll ever have!

To learn more and apply, go to our ambassador page.

Stay tuned for info on our Junior Ambassador program for students.

News from the Front Lines

Thanks to hundreds of generous people around the globe, World Child Cancer’s year-end appeal left us reinvigorated for the new year. Just as children get cancer all year, supporting our work is a 365 day-a-year proposition and we are thankful for so many of you continuing your support into January. Every dollar directly translates to lives saved and hope restored. We are humbled by your generosity.

Meet a Hero

BeAMacySome people think they can’t make a difference in another person’s life. But not 15-year-old Macy. After hearing about World Child Cancer, she saved her babysitting money and donated it to our efforts to help kids with cancer. Never doubt that a motivated individual can be the change they wish to see in the world. Teenagers included!
Encourage the young people in your life to get involved with World Child Cancer. We are inspired!

Training Nurses in Mexico

Eabd378ef-605a-4f89-b360-e2fee89c5ee5ver met a nurse that made a difference? Of course you have! We all know how critical their service is, not only to patients, but to the families of kids with cancer.  This is even more true at our partner sites, where medical professionals can be overwhelmed by the need.

Two of our volunteer medical professionals travelled back to Mexico recently to continue training local nurses to treat cancer patients.   The concept of palliative care isn’t common at our pa20afe18c-b61c-4f63-bb83-956a3b54b6d1rtner hospitals, so education on how to ease suffering was welcomed and needed.

During 2016, World Child Cancer was able to train 150 nurses in Mexico at two hospitals.  This impact will be a permanent legacy for our organization. And, will change the odds for kids with cancer at those hospitals.

Read more about our work around the world.  Global Project Update