News from the Front Lines

Thanks to hundreds of generous people around the globe, World Child Cancer’s year-end appeal left us reinvigorated for the new year. Just as children get cancer all year, supporting our work is a 365 day-a-year proposition and we are thankful for so many of you continuing your support into January. Every dollar directly translates to lives saved and hope restored. We are humbled by your generosity.

Meet a Hero

BeAMacySome people think they can’t make a difference in another person’s life. But not 15-year-old Macy. After hearing about World Child Cancer, she saved her babysitting money and donated it to our efforts to help kids with cancer. Never doubt that a motivated individual can be the change they wish to see in the world. Teenagers included!
Encourage the young people in your life to get involved with World Child Cancer. We are inspired!

Training Nurses in Mexico

Eabd378ef-605a-4f89-b360-e2fee89c5ee5ver met a nurse that made a difference? Of course you have! We all know how critical their service is, not only to patients, but to the families of kids with cancer.  This is even more true at our partner sites, where medical professionals can be overwhelmed by the need.

Two of our volunteer medical professionals travelled back to Mexico recently to continue training local nurses to treat cancer patients.   The concept of palliative care isn’t common at our pa20afe18c-b61c-4f63-bb83-956a3b54b6d1rtner hospitals, so education on how to ease suffering was welcomed and needed.

During 2016, World Child Cancer was able to train 150 nurses in Mexico at two hospitals.  This impact will be a permanent legacy for our organization. And, will change the odds for kids with cancer at those hospitals.

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