Thank you for your Support on World Cancer Day 2016

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Thank you to everyone who joined our campaign to raise awareness on World Cancer Day. Together, we’re evening the odds for children with cancer. Thank you!!!

A big thank you to our partner hospitals in Mexico, Hospital del Niño DIF Hidalgo and Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña for marking the day with us. Thank you to Outlander actress, Caitriona Balfe, and all of the Outlander groups and fans who participated. Also, thank you to the Posner Center for International Development and all of the members and tenants who showed their support.

Get Involved on World Cancer Day: February 4th, 2016

This Thursday, Feb. 4th, is World Cancer Day!

Join the global ‘talking hands’ social media campaign to help us raise awareness of the lack of care available for children with cancer across the world!

Please read the step by step instructions below of how you can create the perfect ‘talking hands’ image.

To find out more about our February awareness campaign please visit:

Please share this post with all your friends and family and together let’s even the odds for children with cancer in the developing world.

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Double Your Impact This December

We would like to share some exciting news with you: this December, all donations will be matched. From December 1 to 31 your donation will go twice as far and will have double the impact.

Childhood Cancer 8 year old leukemia patient Jose and his mother Maria at HNO

All gifts in December will go towards our new project in Southeast Mexico and will directly support children with cancer like Jose. Our goal is to raise $25,000, which with matching funds will support the following at our partner hospitals in Oaxaca and Hidalgo in 2016:

  • Support for treatment costs (childhood cancer and supportive care drugs)
  • Family education materials, training, and support
  • 2 trainings for local healthcare professionals
  • Childhood cancer database training and on-going database management
  • Childhood cancer awareness campaigns
  • Shipping costs for donated medical supplies and equipment

Please visit our Mexico project page to learn more about our work in Mexico and the update below. Want to get involved with fundraising? Email LeAnn at [email protected] to help raise awareness and funds this December.

November 2015 Mexico Visit

Earlier this month our Chair of the Board of Directors, Dr. Scott Howard, and Executive Director, LeAnn Fickes, visited our partner hospitals in Mexico.


At the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña (HNO) in Oaxaca we conducted a needs assessment with Project C.U.R.E. to deliver much needed medical equipment. We also met with Mexican childhood cancer nonprofit organizations, Casa de la Amistad para Niños con Cáncer and AMANC México, to explore ways we can work together to reach more children.


On our last day, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding between World Child Cancer USA, HNO, and our twinning partner, Children’s Mercy Kansas City.


The Secretary of Health, Hector Gonzalez Hernandez, also attended and held a press conference to raise awareness of childhood cancer and announce our partnership.

We also visited our partner hospital, Hospital del Niño DIF, in Hidalgo. Beth Conley and Leslie Cristobal Cazarin from Project C.U.R.E./Curando México conducted a needs assessment at HNH and gave a presentation on their work in Mexico.


Our Board Chair, Dr. Scott Howard, trained HNH staff on his new childhood cancer database, Resonance Pediatric Registry for Oncology (R-PRO). The database is important to track our progress and improve survival rates.

We also spent time with the hospital director and pediatric oncology team planning our project for the next 3 years. The project will focus on reducing deaths from infections, improving medication compliance for children with leukemia, creating a family support group, and raising awareness of childhood cancer and its curability – all with the aim of saving lives.


Thank you to the HNO and HNH pediatric oncology teams and administrations for your amazing hospitality and for all you do for children with cancer. Would you like to help? Your donation doubles this December and all funds raised will go towards helping children with cancer in Oaxaca and Hidalgo. For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page here.

World Child Cancer Kilimanjaro Trek

Are you interested in taking part in an amazing journey?

How would you like to trek one of the world’s greatest mountains? Join World Child Cancer and climb Kilimanjaro in November 2016!

1 2

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s greatest mountain, at approximately 16,000 feet high!  It is a spectacular trek, and is situated in the beautiful country of Tanzania. Climbing Kilimanjaro is an extremely popular trek, as it combines brilliant scenery and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with an incredible and challenging feat. This is a great opportunity and one I feel sure you will not regret.

The money you raise could change lives in the developing world. Just $75 pays for life-saving chemotherapy for a child in Ghana. While $750 can cure a child with Burkitt lymphoma in Malawi. With your help we can make a huge difference to the lives of many in our projects.

We will be with you every step of the way to help you with your fundraising and your training, to make Kili a summit you have no trouble reaching! We will work with you to design your own fundraising plan and provide all the support you need in order to raise this amount, while also running regular training sessions and keeping you up-to-date with training plans and the best possible advice to get you in shape for the trek. All you have to do is ask!

Did you know that over 300,000 children worldwide develop cancer each year? In the developed world over 80% of those children will survive. In the developing world survival rates fall to as low as 10%. In addition, many children with cancer will die without effective pain relief. We are working hard to change that.

Conquer Africa’s highest mountain on this experience of a lifetime and raise vital funds to help us care for children with cancer. Contact [email protected] for more information.

To register please click here.

To download the information pack click here.

Thank you to our #GoGold supporters!

World Child Cancer Thank you to everyone raising awareness and funds during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! We truly appreciate your support.

A special thank you to all of the Outlander groups and the Caitriots who have organized Go Gold walks and other events. We’re thrilled to have so many of you involved all over the US! Also, thank you to author Heaven Leigh for donating proceeds from Heal Your World for Children and fundraising this month. Another big thank you to Lisa McCarron of Well, Well, Wellness for donating 50% of the proceeds of her beautiful jewelry in September. Thank you to everyone who attended our Go Gold Happy Hour and for the Posner Center for International Development for co-sponsoring the event.

All donations during the month of September will go towards our new project in Mexico. Thank you for helping us launch our project!

Mexico Visit: New project in Pachuca and Oaxaca

Did you know that childhood cancer is the second leading cause of death in children ages 4 to 15 in Mexico? The World Child Cancer team kicked off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by visiting Hospital del Niño in Pachuca and Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña in Oaxaca. We’re partnering to improve childhood cancer treatment and care for children in Southeastern Mexico.

Childhood Cancer

World Child Cancer USA Board Member Dr. Terrie Flatt, of Children’s Mercy Kansas City, World Child Cancer’s USA’ Executive Director, LeAnn Fickes, and World Child Cancer’s Program Manager, Joe Dixon visited Mexico City, Pachuca, and Oaxaca September 1st – 5th. Read more about our visit below:

Visit to Hospital del Niño, Pachuca, Hidalgo

Wed. Sept. 2

Wednesday morning, Dr. Flatt, Joe, and LeAnn took the early morning bus to Pachuca. When we arrived at the Hospital del Nino DIF, we were greeted by the pediatric oncology team, director of the hospital, and a representative from the Governor’s wife. The Hospital del Nino DIF has been treating children with cancer since 2005 and last year, treated 73 children.

Childhood Cancer








Next, we took a tour of the hospital, pediatric oncology ward (including a new ward to open Sept. 16th), and a hostel for families and children next to the hospital.

Childhood Cancer









Ward refurbishments and equipment have been provided by a grant from the federal government and the first line of chemotherapy is supported by Seguro Popular, health insurance for low-income Mexicans.

Childhood Cancer










The hospital needs support in providing supportive medications, like antibiotics, and the second round of treatment. Children at the hospital live well-below the poverty line and families cannot afford even a small amount for drugs and other treatment costs. 40% of patients are indigenous and do not speak Spanish, which is a challenge for parent education and ensuring children take their medications once they leave the hospital. Currently, only 58% of children treated survive; education and support for costs of drugs and treatment are needed help more children beat cancer.

11205626_908505012559311_3229177728112640647_n 2

The team at Hospital del Nino DIF are dedicated to improving care and treatment. Dr. Marco Antonia Escamilla Acosta, hospital director, said: “We hope we can give better services to our children with this alliance.” The hospital is very open to collaborating and helping train other hospitals in the region.

Visit to Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña, Oaxaca

Thurs. Sept. 3

Thursday morning we traveled by bus to Puebla, where we met pediatric oncologist Dr. Arturo Moreno Ramirez.

Childhood Cancer







After lunch, we Dr. Moreno drove us to Oaxaca and we arrived to a reception and dinner hosted by the Secretary of Health, Hector Gonzalez Hernandez, Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña Director, Dr. Isabel Dinorath Diaz Rojas, and the pediatric oncology team. Dr. Diaz gave a presentation on childhood cancer in Oaxaca and the challenges the team face at Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña.

Childhood Cancer

The hospital sees approximately 100 new cases of childhood caner per year and many children are diagnosed late. A few challenges the ward faces are late diagnosis due to distance traveled and families’ reliance on traditional medicine; language barrier: over 50% of families do not speak Spanish and they do not have translators on staff; and  lack of equipment. Like in Pachuca, the hospital needs help covering drug and treatment costs.

Fri. Sept 4

Childhood Cancer








On Friday, we visited the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña and conducted our needs assessment with the pediatric oncology team and Dr. Diaz.

Childhood Cancer

Next, we toured the pediatric oncology ward (12 beds and 8 outpatient chemo chairs) and the new, empty ward, which is awaiting beds and equipment.

Childhood Cancer

We also visited the hostel onsite, run by a local NGO, where we were able to meet a few patients. Most of the patient’s families are farmers and live 10 or more hours by bus from the hospital. The hostel is currently at maximum capacity and has a waiting list. It is funded by a local charity, AMANC Oaxaca. The hospital desperately needs an addition to the hostel; children and their families on the waiting list currently sleep outside.

Childhood Cancer

We were fortunate to have a meeting with the Governor of Oaxaca, Gabino Cué Monteagudo and the Secretary of Health, Hector Gonzalez Hernandez. During the visit, the pediatric oncology team shared their challenges and asked for support from the state government. Joe gave an overview of World Child Cancer to  Governor Cué and local news. It was a very successful visit and a wonderful start to building a relationship with the government.

Childhood Cancer

We were very impressed by the dedication of the pediatric oncology team, hospital administration, and government officials in Oaxaca and are looking forward to a fruitful partnership.

Our visits to Hospital del Niño DIF Hidalgo & Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña was extremely successful and we feel World Child Cancer can have a tremendous impact on both hospitals. Alongside the very enthusiastic local teams and governments, we can improve childhood cancer care and treatment in Southeastern Mexico.

Thank you to the teams at the Hospital del Niño in Pachuca and Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña in Oaxaca, for hosting our visit. Also, thank you to all of our supporters, who made this visit and our future support possible. Thank you!

Dr. Flatt, Joe, and LeAnn

Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness MonthSeptember is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  The team at World Child Cancer are launching a major campaign to raise awareness and funds to recognize this significant annual event. We’d like to thank you for your past support and we hope you’ll join us and Go Gold this September.

Why are we going gold? 

The gold ribbon is the international symbol for childhood cancer awareness; it represents how precious children are. During September we are inviting you to take part in a number of different ways to support our work and help us raise awareness of the inequality of global treatment and diagnosis for children fighting cancer.  Please continue reading to find out more.

World Child Cancer

Get involved

There are three main ways to Go Gold and get involved this September:

1. Organize or Take Part in a Go Gold Walk

If you feel like getting active to support our campaign, why not organize or take part in a Go Gold walk? Find out about our walks that have already been organized or arrange one locally for your family and friends. To get more information please visit our Go Gold Walk webpage.


You can also buy one of our limited edition Go Gold T-shirts or badges to wear throughout September to help raise awareness and funds.

2. Join one of our Events

Supporters in Denver: please join us at the Posner Center for International Development on September 23rd from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. The event is free and donations will be accepted. Wear gold and help us raise awareness for children with cancer around the world. Please visit our website here to find other Go Gold events. If you or your business would like to host a Go Gold event, please respond to this email.

3. Take our ‘Give up to Give More’ Challenge

If you are looking for an another idea, take our ‘Give up to Give More’ challenge this September. The challenge is to give up one or more of your regular treats throughout the month, so that you can donate the money you save at the end of the month. To learn more and to sign up, please visit our website. For questions on any of the above, please email us at [email protected]
If you aren’t interested in getting involved in any of the three Go Gold initiatives you can still support our work by making a small donation to our CrowdRise page or website.

How Your Support Helps

The money raised in our September Campaign and the rest of the year, goes to help treat and care for children with cancer across the developing world.

Everything you raise, no matter how small, will make a big difference to the lives of children with cancer across the world. For example, just $10 will provide will provide effective pain relief for two children for a week in Malawi and $75 will provide life saving chemotherapy drugs for a child in Ghana.

Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness and funds for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Best wishes,
World Child Cancer USA Team