Celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by Helping a Child with Cancer

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This month, World Child Cancer USA is raising $20,000 to fund a 20-bed cancer ward at one of our partner hospitals in Mexico. Children who are undergoing treatment there are forced to sleep (outside) on the ground and we want to provide them a safe, clean and welcoming place to lay their heads throughout the months of their cancer treatment. We need your help to help these children in Mexico.

How you can help: 

1. Donate today to our on-line campaign at http://tinyurl.com/z5tc4pe Donations big and small build momentum and hope. Check in with the campaign throughout September and help us reach our goal of raising $20,000. It’s for the kids!  But, don’t stop there….

2. Share your support on social media. Add a few sentences on why helping a child with cancer is important to you, and ask your friends to join you in supporting World Child Cancer during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Use the hashtags #letseventheodds #gogoldcampaign #worldchildcancerusa #nochildshouldsuffer #childhoodcancer #whenigrowup. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

3. Fundraise to help kids this month. Host a party; sell cookies; do a raffle; rather than have lunch with your co-workers, brownbag it and donate what you would have spent; put a jar on your desk; or go big and engage your entire community – virtually and on-line.   (contact us for ideas)

4. Support businesses that are supporting World Child Cancer this month by donating a % of their proceeds in Sept:

– Buy a special edition Childhood Cancer Awareness Month t-shirt here

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– Buy a #gogold bracelet at Kate Murphy Designs here

On behalf of the 800 children with cancer in SE Mexico, we thank you! To learn more and get involved in this campaign, email [email protected] 

Together, we can fund a cancer ward for the kids so they can focus on beating cancer!

Volunteer Opportunities in our Denver office

Patients, HNO

Join us to help kids with cancer in Mexico

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer? We currently have immediate openings for several unpaid volunteer positions at our office at the Posner Center for International Development in Denver, Colorado.

We’re looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to help with our social media, events, and outreach to the Denver community to raise awareness and funds this fall and winter. Visit our website for more information and email Michelle Barnes at [email protected] with any questions. Please share – thank you!


Container ceremony: celebrating collaboration

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At the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña in Oaxaca, we held our container ceremony with Fundación Curando Mexico and Project C.U.R.E. last Friday, which was attended by local policy makers, media, and members of the community. Hector Gonzales, the acting Secretary of Health, stated in his remarks the hospital needs more oncology doctors and nurses in order to utilize the equipment delivered – a very positive step to help more children with cancer in the state.

Representatives from the Secretary of Health, the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña, Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Fundación Curando Mexico, and World Child Cancer USA

The equipment delivered is valued at approximately $600,000 and will: equip a new pediatric oncology ward with 20 beds, supply the hospital with gloves, masks, and other consumables for several months, and added a second anesthesia machine, allowing the hospital to open a second room for surgery. Other equipment delivered includes wheelchairs, walkers, desks, dental chairs, and other supplies – all much needed at the hospital.

Thank you to everyone for your donations and support – without you, we couldn’t have made this happen. Also, thank you to the Posner Center for International Development for supporting our partnership with a grant from the International Collaboration Fund.

World Child Cancer USA

Childhood Cancer Patients & Families at the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña

Collaborating with Project C.U.R.E,Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña, and the Posner Center has allowed us to have a big impact and fully equip a new pediatric oncology ward. We look forward to continuing working together to help more children with cancer!

Press release: Project C.U.R.E., Fundación Curando Mexico and World Child Cancer USA Deliver Life-Saving Medical Supplies to Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña

Project C.U.R.E., Fundación Curando Mexico and World Child Cancer USA Deliver Life-Saving Medical Supplies to Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña
Collaborative effort is the first donation to the hospital in nearly 20 years
DENVER —Wednesday, July 20, 2016 The Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña pediatric hospital in Oaxaca, Mexico received a 53-foot cargo container of life-saving medical supplies and diagnostic equipment worth more than $650,000 USD. The equipment and supplies will be used to assist the hospital in dramatically improving survival rates for children with cancer in South East Mexico; and to outfit a new cancer ward there. Through the collaborative efforts of Project C.U.R.E., FundaciónCurando Mexico and World Child Cancer USA, the hospital received approximately 20 new beds, vital sign monitors, diagnostic equipment and high-tech lab equipment to diagnose, monitor and effectively treat children afflicted with cancer.
The delivery of this much needed equipment is part of a larger multi-year partnership between Project C.U.R.E., Fundación Curando Mexico, World Child Cancer USA and the State of Oaxaca. The Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña and World Child Cancer USA have an ongoing partnership to deliver medical staff training, family support, parent and community education and create and implement a patient database.
The hospital will be hosting a container celebration with several local and international guests to officially receive the equipment for the hospital. Invited guests include: Ing. Hector Gonzalez – Office of the Minister of Health; Hospital Director Isabel Dinorath Diaz Rojas; Hospital Director Maritza Jenny Hernandez Cuevas – Hospital Civil “Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso”; Leslie Cristobal Cazarin – Manager Fundación Curando Mexico and Project C.U.R.E.; LeAnn Fickes – Executive Director World Child Cancer, USA; Dr. Terrie Flatt – World Child Cancer and Children’s Mercy Hospital; Medical staff from Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña; and patients and families of Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña.
Who: Project C.U.R.E., Fundación Curando Mexico, World Child Cancer USA, Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña
What: Container Celebration Ceremony
Where: Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña, Kilómetro 12.5 Carretera, Oaxaca – Puerto Angel, San Bartolo Coyoyepec, 71256 San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
When: Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 3 p.m.
Press Check-In: 2:30 p.m.
Contact: Leslie Cristobal Cazarin, Manager, Fundación Curando Mexico, +52 1 (55) 6704 4960  [email protected]

About Project C.U.R.E. 
From its humble beginnings in 1987, Project C.U.R.E. has become the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world.  Currently, Project C.U.R.E. maintains large distribution warehouses in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, and smaller collection centers in 15 U.S. cities. Because of the dedication of more than 20,000 nationwide volunteers, two to three cargo containers of life-saving aid leave Project C.U.R.E.’s warehouses weekly.  Project C.U.R.E. has reached patients, families and children in more than 130 countries. Project C.U.R.E. is the recipient of the GuideStar Exchange Silver Seal, the Charity Navigator Four-Star Rating and has been ranked by Forbes as one of the 20 Most Efficient Large U.S. Charities.  Learn more at www.projectcure.org, on Facebook and on Twitter @projectcure.
About World Child Cancer USA
World Child Cancer USA formed in 2012 to help children with cancer in the developing world. Our vision is to see a world where every child with cancer has access to the best possible treatment and care. Our mission is to improve cancer diagnosis, treatment and care for children across the developing world, redressing the global inequality in the treatment of cancer. With its sister organization in the UK, World Child Cancer is making life better for children with cancer in 16 countries throughout the developing world. To learn more, visit www.worldchildcancer.us.
About Fundacion Curando Mexico
Curando Mexico is a nonprofit organization established in 2010 and serves as Project C.U.R.E.’s partner throughout the country. Curando Mexico provides medical supplies and equipment through donations to hospitals in need throughout the country in an effort to strengthen the medical infrastructure in Mexico. To learn more, visit www.curandomexico.org.
About Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña

Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña is a specialty pediatric hospital that grant highly specialized care with children 18 years or younger in the State of Oaxaca and the under the Social Protection System in Health. To learn more, visit http://www.hno.oaxaca.gob.mx/

$600k in medical supplies and equipment delivered to Oaxaca, Mexico!

Exciting news: our container of medical equipment and supplies was delivered to the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña July 16th. The container includes 20 new beds and equipment for the childhood cancer ward. Project C.U.R.E. filled the 53′ container to the brim with much needed life-saving equipment and supplies.

childhood cancer

Our container being loaded at Project C.U.R.E.’s warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona

The container arrived in the evening and was unloaded by over 30 dads. Many of the dads have children with cancer receiving treatment at the hospital.

Childhood Cancer

                                     Dads unloading the container

Thank you to Project C.U.R.E. and Curando México for partnering with us. Everyone at the Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña is grateful for the beds, equipment, and supplies. 

Your contributions made this possible – thank you. We’re so excited to partner with Project C.U.R.E. to help children in Oaxaca. Thank you to the Posner Center for International Development for supporting our collaboration with a grant from the International Collaboration Fund.

Check out our video from the container unloading: 

Join us in honoring moms next month!


This Mother’s Day, we’re asking you partner with us to help moms like Marisol provide for their children. If you donate $50 or more by April 30th, we’ll send a card to the person of your choice.

How your gift will help

G SquareMarisol is 19, and her 4-year-old daughter, Gabriela, is being treated by our partner, the Hospital del Niño DIF Hidalgo (HNH). Gabriela has leukemia and she is one of about 100 children who will be treated for cancer this year at HNH. Marisol wants the best for her daughter – and with your help – she can ensure that Gabriela gets the best possible treatment and care.

World Child Cancer USA is partnering with HNH to subsidize drug costs, create a parent support group, improve facilities, facilitate ongoing database management, train local nurses and doctors, and to provide education for families like Marisol’s to care for their children at home once they leave the hospital.

We hope you’ll join our celebration of Mother’s Day by giving a gift in honor of your Mom or another special person in your life. Your donation will help children in Mexico to beat cancer and to make sure they have many more happy years with their families.

How to Donate

To ensure delivery on-time delivery of a Mother’s Day card (by May 8th), all donations must be received by April 30th.

When you make your donation online, please check the box, “I would like to dedicate this donation to someone.” Next, fill out the box with the person’s name and address. The link to donate online is here: http://worldchildcancer.us/donate/

To donate by check, please make your check payable to World Child Cancer USA and mail to: World Child Cancer USA, 1031 33rd Street, Denver, CO 80203.

We will mail the Mother’s Day card, with an explanation of how your gift is helping children like Gabriela. Questions? Please email LeAnn at [email protected] Thank you!

‘Share with 10′ on International Childhood Cancer Day on Feb. 15

International Childhood Cancer Day

Survival rates for children with cancer in the developing world are as low as 10% when in the developed world approximately 80% of children with cancer will survive. This inequality in cancer care for children should not exist.

Support us on International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15th in our ‘Share with 10′ campaign and help us to even the odds so that all children with cancer have the chance of a future.

It is very simple to get involved simply share the Maaria and Obasi story with 10 of your friends or family across your social media and ask them to ‪#‎sharewith10‬. Thank you so much for your support. Together ‪let’s even the odds for children with cancer across the developing world! You can download the PDF here. Make sure you share what you do on our Facebook and Twitter.

To find out more information on how you get involved please visit: http://worldchildcancer.us/get-involved/events/international-childhood-cancer-day/

If you would prefer to support us by making a donation please visit: http://worldchildcancer.us/donate/. For just $75 you could fund a round of chemotherapy for a child in Mexico; currently a cost that families have to bear and simply cannot afford.

Thank you for your Support on World Cancer Day 2016

World Cancer Day - Mexico, Denver, and around the US 2

Thank you to everyone who joined our campaign to raise awareness on World Cancer Day. Together, we’re evening the odds for children with cancer. Thank you!!!

A big thank you to our partner hospitals in Mexico, Hospital del Niño DIF Hidalgo and Hospital de la Niñez Oaxaqueña for marking the day with us. Thank you to Outlander actress, Caitriona Balfe, and all of the Outlander groups and fans who participated. Also, thank you to the Posner Center for International Development and all of the members and tenants who showed their support.

Get Involved this February

Get Involved this February and together ‘let’s even the odds’ for children with cancer in the developing world!

Childhood Cancer

To find out more information about our awareness campaign visit our website here.

Please join us in raising awareness and share – thank you!