What We Do

Treating children with cancer worldwide

How do we do this? We partner our network of international hospitals and volunteer specialists with teams on the ground. The great thing about this is: not only do we provide access to expert treatment, we also help build local knowledge. Each project is funded for a minimum of 5 years during which time plans for the long term sustainability of the project are put in place.

We work in Mexico, Central America, Ghana, Cameroon, MalawiBangladesh, Myanmar, the Philippines, and a collaborative Wilms Tumor Project to improve kidney cancer across Africa.  Please get in touch by emailing us at [email protected], if you’d like more information on our projects.

2015 Program Report: Read World Child Cancer’s 2015 Program Report for an update on progress on World Child Cancer’s global family of projects.


 How it works 

twinning-illustration twinning_scales

Twinning Explained  

As you can imagine it’s very complex process getting cancer diagnosed and treated in some of the world’s most remote and poor places. That’s where our unique twinning approach comes into its own. We’re fortunate that many of the world’s leading hospitals, oncologists and pediatricians give their time for free – diagnosing and treating children but also training support on the ground to make a lasting difference.

Without this voluntary help, we wouldn’t be able to make the difference we do. So, your donations don’t pay for medical expertise, instead they go to giving our medical experts the tools they need to do their jobs. Direct, on the ground and where it’s needed the most.