Central America


AHOPCA Fact File

Project Centers: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama & the Dominican Republic

Twinning Partners: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA

Other Charity Partners: POGO: Pediatric Oncology Group Ontario, Canada

Project LeadersVarious

Project Mentors:  Yuri Quintana, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Start Date: January 2013

Project Background: The Central American Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Association (AHOPCA) was formed in 1996 as an alliance of pediatric oncology units in Central America. The purpose is education, implementation of uniform treatment regimens across the region, and continuous improvement in the quality of care by analysis of outcomes in each centre and in the region as a whole. It has grown to include 8 centers in 7 countries that treat around 1,000 children with newly diagnosed cancer each year. Each center is supported by a non-profit foundation and has a parent group to help improve care and support for families.This project focuses on improving the data management systems of the centers. A data register is crucial to documenting progress and future planning for childhood cancer care. Knowing the scale of the problem results in a reliable record of patient numbers and survival rates.