Patricia McCall

Patricia McCallExecutive Director, Centre for Economic Growth at INSEAD
London, England and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Patricia is currently the Executive Director at the Centre for Economic Growth at INSEAD, based in Abu Dhabi. The Centre for Economic Growth focuses on developing policies for regional governments and the private sector in the area of economic growth, education, job creation and youth employment. She is also the Executive Director of the Arab Stabilization Plan, a policy initiative that aims to address the youth unemployment crisis in the MENA region through infrastructure development. She was previously the Regional Director for Duke University where she was responsible for the University’s activities in the region. She has worked on investment climate and economic reform for the United Nations in Afghanistan as well as the World Bank in Egypt and Jordan. Prior to that, she worked in international finance for a decade in New York as a senior global macroeconomic and equity analyst at Banyan Fund Management.Patricia sits on the advisory council of the Sejaal Project, a Middle East focused social entrepreneurship initiative. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and Master’s degree from Columbia University.

Patricia is married with two young daughters and enjoys taking them long hikes in the countryside and helping them to appreciate the importance of community service.

Like many people globally Patricia has had friends and family who have struggled and been effected by the ravages of cancer and she has a strong commitment to ensure children, regardless of their situation or location, have access to the best care possible and that local capacity is strengthened to ensure sustainability of care.