Serge Rogasik

Photo of Serge Rogasik
Vice-President, General Manager & Member of the Executive Team of Addivant, CT, USA

Serge has more than 20 years of experience in the biotech and chemical industry, driving growth, innovation and transformative strategies in multiple regions of the world.

Serge grew up in France and started his career in drug-delivery research in Belgium prior to taking various growth-oriented positions in marketing, strategy and business management in large, multinational corporations such as Solvay, General Electric or BASF. Serge joined Addivant as an operating partner in 2013 when SK Capital, a New York City private investment firm, acquired the activity.

Serge is married and has three children. He lives today in New York City where he has contributed to several charitable initiatives, always focused on childhood and early education. He was elected to the board of World Child Cancer USA in January 2017. As he lived abroad with his young family, Serge has experienced first-hand the difficulties and stress of living with a sick child when treatments and solutions are not readily available. World Child Cancer brings hope to populations for whom treatment was never an option. Serge’s goal is to help the young USA branch rely on one of the world’s most charitable regions by leveraging his business and marketing acumen and opening his international network.

Serge holds a Master of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Lyon and a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Science & Pharmaceutical Industry Management from the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy of Lyon.